Best Online Marketing Techniques For Real State Agents

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As an estate agent, you are continually trying to reach new clients. The online market is a powerful way to access those potential buyers.

In an article by Huffington Post that explained one broker gained “more than 80 percent of their new customers through the internet.”

However, with the amount of oversaturation in the online market by real estate agents it can be difficult to set your brand apart.


Unique Tips To Gain The Online Exposure

Tips To Gain The Online Exposure

Location, Location, Location

Everyone knows the power of a traditional business was based on how visible your office was from street traffic, today most of that exposure comes from your online location.

A strong website with a clear branding style and SEO optimization are essential.

With your SEO elements you should go for the obvious terms, but also don’t be afraid to think outside the box, try more nuanced terms that may better hone your desired audience.

Staging the Location

Once you have those beautiful website bones and fantastic design set-in-stone, it’s time to think about content.

Online, content is king and the more engaging and thought-provoking content that you have, the more likely you are to reach a variety of markets and increase your searchability.

A blog is a fantastic way to achieve this goal, but again be creative. Most active online agents will have a blog, but they usually entail daily listings, these are great, but spice it up a little.

Try to engage the audience in a new way. Answers questions about the first-time buyer’s experience, write about things you need to know before purchasing a home, content like this will get more hits and engagement from people all over the internet.

Assess the Value

You now have an excellent resource of content to use in varies ways to add traffic to your site. Spin those blogs into client gold by creating a stunning email dispatch.

An email dispatch is a marvelous way to keep in contact with your previous buyers and gain new ones. Use an email dispatch service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact to understand better and monitor your readership.

Be informative in your emails by giving your readerships something before, you ask for anything.

Add a recently posted blog topic first, followed by a few featured homes. Try building a theme into your emails and use a creative title to get a better success rate on your opens.

Open House

As you build on each element in your online portfolio, you will start to see the chain of events take place naturally. Get social on the various social platforms.

Try these exciting ways to mix up your social feeds, share your newly created email dispatch on your feeds to generate awareness of your emails. Use a professional photographer to photograph your homes in inspirational ways for your Instagram.

Feature twitter hashtags to narrow in on those potential buyers, create engaging picture graphics for Pinterest using PicToChart, and automate your Facebook to add new listings from your website every time you update.

You might also want to try creating an email and text-drip campaign such as mentioned by Shama Hyder in Forbes Magazine.

Build Equity

You are now a clever content creating a machine with a myriad of resources. Your followers should be pilling up slowly but surely. Time to take all that expertise and share the wealth.

Online Marketing Techniques For Real State Agents

Guest blogging and featuring as a reference in other agents websites and social outlets will help give you that extra push of notoriety.

Reach out to different estate agents and offer to write a blog for them or allow them to feature one of your previously published blogs, with the highest engagement.

You could also offer to feature content from them on your site. The more your name and your brand come up in a google search the more clients feel confident with your abilities.

Building and maintaining a successful online marketing campaign is an essential tool to have in any agents toolkit. It has become a great resource to build awareness and credibility.

However, don’t be afraid to try new an innovative way to create content and gain exposure.

Talk to your fellow agents that are actively working with their online market to figure what is working well for them.

Research new apps and outlets that may help you along with way but most importantly be enthusiastic and your campaign can only grow stronger.