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Cost Savings and Short Term Rentals
Using a short term rental, such a furnished condo suite is often a good option for companies. Perhaps you've got a team that's travelling to another city and staying for more than a few days. Staff members can carpool together, also saving on travel costs. Providing corporate housing could also be a better incentive to the employee over having them stay in a hotel. Not only are there often good amenities in this sort of setting but another benefit is that employees can do their own laundry, do their own cooking, and so on. At times, employees need to bring their families with them when it's an extended stay business trip and in this case, a corporate apartment is almost a must [...]
Home buying is a major step for any person considering the substantial investment they will be making into the real estate industry. Hence, with the importance which is associated with this step, it is vital that these investors avoid several of the common mistakes which are related to the home buying experience. The first mistake which many individuals make refers to the wow factor of finding a high quality home at an unusually low price.
There are a number of reasonable elements which might have encouraged the reduction in value and the home buyer has to be aware of these to avoid trouble later with reselling the property. Another warning is found with the impulse buying of the home. Few seekers become so enamored with a home which price concerns and location study go out of the window because of the desire to buy [...]
Staging a rental apartment is one way of landing the best quality tenant available, as well as maximizing the monthly rental fee charged. Rental staging can be used for virtually any type of unit, ranging from a small apartment in a private home, to a luxurious penthouse unit overlooking the water, to a commercial space in the hottest downtown district of the city. As always, there are some specific ways of successfully staging a rental unit and I am happy to share my own experience on the subject with all of you.
Rentals, just like any other properties, are priced based on supply and demand. Additionally, just like any other type of real estate, rentals have criteria which are fixed and those which are variable. Location is fixed and cannot be changed. However, the condition of the unit, in relation to others of comparable size and scope, is certainly a variable criterion. Enhancing a unit to make it shine above its competition is one way of creating greater demand for the apartment [...]

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